Why You Should Join Black Flag Trading:

EXPERIENCE IS POWER: You’ll trade alongside a 10-year market veteran.  I know A LOT about the Market and you’re about to find out just how surgical my strategy can be. Experience and mistakes along the way are by far the BEST TEACHER a trader will ever have if he knows how to use them. I have learned the hard way but I HAVE learned nonetheless. You can take the easy way by following me, or the hard way by going at it alone. It’s your choice.

ONLY THE BEST SET-UPS: No need to place 10 trades a day! You’ll trade ONLY proven strategies that have gained me well over $250k in the last 3 years alone. My Fibonacci & Elliott wave pattern analysis will identify low-risk, high-reward trades each week and month. We ONLY go for the best set-ups. 

SWING TRADING: This is the key to my strategy! You’ll typically get between 5-10 top notch set-ups each month. In Forex we’ll aim for about 250-500 pips each. Sometimes we’ll go for 1000+ pips per trade. Be patient, earn more, and free yourself up. Time is valuable, so don’t waste it in front of the market all day only because you have the “itch” to trade.

MONEY MANAGEMENT: You will NEVER risk more than 3% per trade. Ever! Make the commitment right now that you won’t be careless with your money. My 1-4 typical risk reward will/should keep you profitable even if we lose 2-3 out of 4 trades! Trading is a game of numbers. Know that there’ll always be losers….but don’t let those eat up 50% of your account!

LEARN & EARN: Avoid going at this on your own. Trust me I know. It took me about 3.5 years to really grasp this thing we call trading. Countless heartaches and $30k in losses later, everything finally clicked. DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE! Believe in investing in yourself and learn or follow someone who’s been there before.  Copy my trades and I assure you you’ll not only learn a whole lot about the markets, but you’ll also grow your trading account many times over.

The Backstory

Black Flag Trading was started literally and truly out of popular demand. Over the years I have managed money for family members, friends, as well as colleagues and business associates. The tremendous level of interest and feedback from people of all walks of life towards my way of trading led to the creation of this educational business. I am excited to finally be able to reach a much wider audience now and help you take advantage of the market, instead of the other way around. I can honestly tell you that trading and investing in the markets for me is not just a way to make more money, but it is a way of life! From the age of 24 I have devoted years to perfecting this trade and I can assure you that everything you will learn here will be of immense value to your financial bottom line for as long as you live. I have amassed an unbelievable wealth of knowledge in both technical as well as fundamental analysis and how it affects our markets and different asset classes and the natural cycles they go through. A daily, ongoing self-education mentality is a MUST in this field, as it should be with anything in life that you’d want to really master.